Belonging and Connection
January 2019 Newsletter
As the new year begins, we look at ‘Belonging and Connection’


As staff, we are constantly setting goals for ourselves, our room and our children.  Looking at the Educators goals set this term, we see belonging and connections as being so important and influential in what we do and hope for the future for your child.

As the year begins and the children move into their new rooms, it is most important for the children to have a sense of belonging within the setting. This plays a big part in the way children develop, learn and make connections with both peers and Educators.

It is our role to make children feel secure, help them develop connections with peers and educators and trust that we are there for them emotionally and socially. We encourage all the staff to take the time to get to know the children and their families, and we encourage family participation and support throughout the year. This is done, though family input into our program.  We encourage the children to bring in photos or stories from home.  This allows us to follow up on the child’s interests and culture, all while learning more about them and their families.

We support the children emotionally and guide them to form friendships. Meeting new friends and working out where they fit within their group of peers can sometimes be very difficult and overwhelming. Building social skills like learning to communicate, negotiate, empathise and form resilience, are important steps and don’t always come easy. These will be the foundation in which the children learn,  play, and find their identity within the setting.  We help children cultivate these skills by supporting them with their language so that they can communicate and negotiate their needs and wants to others, and support them by modelling positive behaviours that we wish to see.

If you would like to find out more about this and how we are fulfilling this within the room, please don’t hesitate to speak with one of the educators.

Alana Hayes

Links to national quality standard

The importance of developing relationships with children is reflected under Quality Area 5 of the National Quality Standard (NQS), in particular:

  • Standard 5.1: Respectful and equitable relationships are maintained with each child.
  • Element 5.1.1: Responsive and meaningful interactions build trusting relationships which engage and support each child to feel secure, confident and included.
  • Standard 5.2: Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships.
  • Element 5.2.2: Each child is supported to regulate their own behaviour, respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and communicate effectively to resolve conflicts.