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Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre is a non-profit community based centre managed by a Parent Management Committee, in conjunction with the centre’s Nominated Supervisor. Our aim is to make the children feel secure in their environment by building relationships and fostering self-esteem and confidence in each child, through positive learning outcomes. We recognise parents as the child’s first teacher. We invite all parents to comment, contribute or be actively involved in our curriculum, programming and policies.


The National Quality Framework, Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines and Early Years Learning Framework are the documents the centre uses to provide high quality Education and care. Our curriculum is Child Initiated built on the Reggie Emelia approach. Children are encouraged to think for themselves, make choices and decisions and to work out problems through trial and error. The role of the staff is to assist in those decisions making sure all safety measures are taken into account. We support Belonging Being and Becoming from NQF EYLF and the Queensland Kindergarten guidelines.


Belonging-Where and with whom you belong- their family, cultural group and wider community. We respect the diversity of children and parents at the Centre and recognise the needs of all children from all cultures, including Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, non-English speaking backgrounds and children with additional needs.

Being -childhood is the time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world. We provide a warm, caring, happy, healthy, safe and stimulating environment as much like home as possible. This is also achieved with daily home cooked healthy meals. We also encourage each child in the development of their physical abilities by’ offering a large garden playground that is set up each day with challenging activities. The children participate in activities to encourage their fine and gross motor skills (small and large muscle), coordination, and balance and eye/hand coordination.

Becoming-reflects this process of rapid and significant change that occurs in the early years as young children learn and grow. Through our daily stories we reflect intellectual abilities (cognitive development) and activities are provided that foster exploring, investigating and questioning – that encourage memory skills, problem solving, decision making.


Our aim is for each child to reach his/her full potential physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually through age appropriate expectations. This is achieved through playing games, taking turns, sharing, looking after each other and to learn acceptance of others. The children are encouraged to develop creativity and self- expression through art, cooking, language and music, and we place emphasis on the doing or experiencing, not the end result with open ended experiences.


The Educators at Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre are caring, friendly people who are professionals in the field of Early Education. They have a genuine interest in children and co-construct strong relationships with them and their families. Staffs undertake professional development and training to embed current research the into children’s learning outcomes. Our holistic approach has an understanding of each family as individuals who fit in the wider community. All factors of our socioeconomic sector impacts on promoting our community spirit. Most of all, we endeavour to help each child to be a happy, healthy and confident individual who will be successful in meeting life’s challenges. Reviewed in conjunction with PMC Parents and Staff September 2018.

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