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Need to add that we use and online program called Kindy Hub, which links us to the families using an app. Please add this………

Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre has developed a new child-initiated program, based on the Early Years Learning Framework with Reggio Emilia approach where the staff offer’s a holistic approach to children’s development by supporting the child’s interests and family input.

This is achieved by offering an extension on what a child takes an interest in on that day and extending on what information the family write up and the interest level of the children from that input.

Photographs are taken to show evidence and are uploaded to our online program called Kindy Hub. Parents can access this Hub through an app which links them to their child’s daily reports, communications and information. Parents can also communicate through his app though family stories, which allows us to extend upon children’s interests, linking family life with their day here with friends.

We try to keep things simple as time is always a factor when busy parents want information about their child’s day, so this app allows you to sit down, relax and have meaningful conversations about their day and all the wonderful learning experiences they have had.

Parents have access to all policies at the centre. Copies can be made on request of any information you would like to take home.

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