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We are often asked many questions and we try to ensure we have all angles covered. Please check out the questions we are regularly asked and our answers below. This will give you some further information about our centre. Should a question you may have not be on the list then please feel free to ask. While we like to update this page we may have missed something.

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Got Questions? We Have Answers

We do have a waiting list which you are welcome to join. The older the child there are more vacancies available because as the babies room takes only 8 babies a day and in the juniors room 2 years 12

A Kindy bag with your child’s name on it. Two sets of clothes Piece of fresh fruit each day Cot size sheets in a named pillow case. Nappies, Milk for bottles and dummies for younger children.

A hat that covers their neck and ears .Sun cream. Lunch dessert and afternoon tea.

Parents on the PMC who are attending the centre meet monthly with the director to make important decisions relating to the management of the centre. The agenda looks at staff and parent concerns and community involvement that relate to the concerns and policies and practices of OACCC. AGM meet annually to receive an overview of the past years accomplishment and achievements.

A hand book of the centre policies are situated on the front counter, copies available on request.

The educator’s write stories of the day, that are on display. Parents link with conversations, phone calls, communication books and charts information are available each day. You can also view our Newsletter online – www.OACCC,qld.edu.au

As part of our service we feel a healthy nutritious lunch which covers all the food groups assists busy parents so the feel confident their child has had healthy food in their absence.

On occasions we might have pizza or Pancake Day but all food is prepared at the centre.

We find that meals become a social occasion and children are more willing to try different food in a group setting. Alternatively parents can provide your child’s lunch.

Mainly to keep food costs down and to help with the quality and freshness of the fruit that comes in daily.

You are welcome to speak to our cook and organise alternative meat and pasta etc. We ask that parents provide some of the foods but usually we work it out together.

Drink bottles are not advised as children tend to share these spreading germs. We have access to filtered water and to bubblers located outdoors which the children use independently.

We ask parents to apply sun cream before they arrive we reapply several times during the day. We provide Sun safety hats and plenty of shade. Children should avoid singlets and strappy dresses.

There is no fee to go one the waiting list. Once an enrolment is available and all forms are filled a once off fee of $100 to secure your place and the money goes towards two weeks bond.

Please pay regularly once a week we have options of direct credit, Eftpos facilities, cash or cheque. It is really up to the parents

The Centrelink office will give you your CRN numbers for yourself and your child as well as work out your child care benefit that is available to help reduce the costs of your fees.

The government give 24 hours for non-working parents which is two 12hour days as the centre is open 6.30am – 6.30pm.

It is recommended that you do and also chose another centre to put your child’s name on their list as a backup while waiting for availability.

Please think long and hard about returning to work when your baby is very young. All other options should be considered as child care is not a perfect option for very young children who need to bond with family members and there is a high rate of sickness with in the first two years. If you have no choice then that is our role to support you as best we can.

We have 59 children at the centre each day and if your child s clothes become wet for whatever reason we sometimes cant place them in a water prof bag immediately so we end up with lost property and not sure who owns what.

Yes, we have regular sand and water play and the children have spills even getting a drink.

We like to follow whatever approach the parents are using. We listen to your routine and try and continue to do the same plan at the centre. Sometimes we might notice that your child is showing signs of being ready to toilet train.

We check and change children every couple of hours and we like to have plenty of nappies for extra on hand. We only use your nappies for your child.

The National Quality Framework has been adopted with the Preschool Room under the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. We love the Reggio Amelia approach which is child initiated assists us to widen learning outcomes for all children.

This is a play base curriculum with is finally tuned from the Educators that observe and expend on family interest and children’s interests. There is always a reason why certain resources and the environment are set up in a certain way.

This information is share with the group to find common interest levels and where the interest lies. Then the staff use resources and equipment to extend on this to develop learning outcomes.

Whatever time suits your family. Some people need to go to work early and some families arrive around 9oclock. It’s really up to you.

Check each room’s individual routine in the room it is mainly broken up into play and meal times with the flexibility of the interests of the children.

As the parent you understand your child much better than we do and we appreciate all children are different. Staff do find when children are just new to the centre short goodbyes are better option as the child have time for a build-up of emotions knowing at some stage that you will be leaving. Speak to the staff in your room for hints.

All incidents are different we try re direction, change of interest, time to think, holding hands all non-threatening options so the child feels ok about the situation. Your ideas will be helpful as what works with your child.

There is a medication form that needs to be filled out with the instructions. Give the medication to a staff member explaining what course of action needs to take place and why. The staff will place it in the kitchen out of child’s reach. The Director administers all medication.

The staff listen to your routine and try and support it as much as possible. We understand each child is has different needs and we accommodate them as much as possible.

That is fine depending on the age of the child. Our centre adopts the SIDS approach to safe sleeping. See staff for further information.

Our policy is all children are required to have an opportunity to rest quietly. We offer this with books; puzzles and bed bags fill with small toys.

We are very fortunate with the staff at OACCC love their job so much that they stay for years 50% staff have been here over 10years.

15+ years and in the industry over 35 years.

There is Healthy Lifestyle (Exercise balance and coordination program) on a Tuesday for 2.5-5 years and Tennis lessons on a Thursday for the same age group. If your child is with the about age group. Just speak to the staff in the front office to add their name to the class anyhow payments are made.

The smile he greets you in the afternoon the paint on his shirt and the stories he tells or the ones you read plus the conversations you have with the staff.

Mainly to keep food costs down and to help with the quality and freshness of the fruit that comes in daily.

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