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Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre is committed to being responsive to community needs and to show respect for the individuality and actively promote child protection for the children and families. We have adopted the Early Years Learning Frame work with BELONGING BEING AND BECOMING and our motto is ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’.

Parents are asked to be as involved as they want by participating in the curriculum. The centre is a community centre with a Parent Management Committee that oversees the running of the centre in consultation with the Centre Directors, Linda Quilter and Alana Hayes. Family input is valued and the main source of your curriculum. It is our intent to provide ongoing support services, for each family’s needs within our community. We recognise the professional performance of our staff and are committed to the acknowledgement and development of their unique skills. A focus of Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre is to provide innovative and developmentally appropriate programs that nurture children’s individuality.

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