Newsletter 23.02.2018

Wet Weather

After a very wet ending to the week with the torrential downpour, we hope to see some sun on Monday! The rain will have done the gardens the world of good!

Annual General Meeting next week (Monday)

Its that time of year again! The AGM is upon us. Monday evening we will be meeting at 6pm.
This is where you the parents get to meet with the director and staff annually to receive an overview of the past years accomplishment and achievements.
For more information about the meeting please call us on 07 5537 6744

The New Website is taking shape

We have been excited to see our new website take shape and the Newsletter will become a staple in how we communicate with our parents and the wider community!

If you would like to see something on the website please drop us a line and we will ensure that all request be addressed at our next meeting!

We will be looking to add the weekly menu to our website moving forward. We have also added some new features for you to see how the day runs and more!