Family Package, the new CCS.

We have been extremely busy organising our families to get on board with the new Family Packages. Centrelink have brought in a new scheme where families will get a fairer package the relates to their lifestyle. The government is looking closely at parents incomes to give them more affordable fees in child care. They are also cutting hours for children who’s parents are not working and limiting their hours for their children. This is in line with school hours. I long time ago research was done to understand a child’s learning capacity with sitting time, playing time and concentration spans . That is why children attend school from9am -3pm. We are very excited about the new Family package as our centre¬† still able to offer a full day for $75. Not because we are cheap but because we believe that offering lower fees assists families in the community and that is one or the purposes of a Community Children’s Centre.

Regards Linda Quilter

Centre Director.