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The Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre originated as the result of an idea formulated by the Gold Coast City Council and the Department of Early Childhood Education. The centre is licensed under the Child Care Act and Child Care Regulations. The aim was to provide child care at an affordable rate. To ensure the Centre remains a non-profit organisation, its operation was placed in the hands of a Parents’ Committee who the Director reports to. The Parents’ Committee consists of a group of individuals whose children attend the OACCC and who are prepared to volunteer their time and energy to overseeing the operations of the centre and making important decisions necessary for the ongoing well being of the Centre.

“Non-profit” means that all the money generated from parents’ fees is ploughed back into the Centre in the form of new equipment and resources and wages. The centre employs extra staff as they are required to help with the everyday running of the Centre. Parent become involved by assisting staff with resources and support in the form of meetings and other gatherings. The centre provides morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for the children provided at no cost to parents. The centre encourages parents to participate with the program with feed back ,ideas ,policy reviews , time with activities ,visits or support with donations of junk, dress-up clothes or anything that you think we could use. This centre can be fantastic children’s centre and will only be as successful as the parents and staffs make it.

The Provider Number for our Centre is 555000072T. The Centre has been operating for more than 25 years. It is a 59-place centre, which is much smaller than most centres. It has room for 8 babies (0-2 years), 12 juniors (2 years – 2.5 years), 15 kindy children (2.5-3.5 years) and 24 preschoolers (3.5-5 years). We have structured our age grouping to give us flexibility for each child’s level of development.

There is one Teacher in each room, who is supported by a Teachers Aide. There is also one “floating” staff member and, at times, up to two staff to assist with additional needs children. Staff members hold qualifications in early education and child care.

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