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At our child care centre, children are grouped according to their age levels. It is our belief that the developmental and education needs of children are best met within this framework. Children at different developmental levels have very different needs. Each of the rooms has their own philosophy as to how it will work with your child and the other children in the group. Our aim, right across the centre, is to offer the very best in care and education for your child, whilst ensuring that you feel connected with your child’s life while he/she attends the centre.

Please feel free to see our Directors Linda and Alana or our Teacher Nicki if you have special needs or information about the school your child will attend. If there is anything else we can do to ensure that the transition will be a happy one. We are more than happy for you to take your child’s Transition statement (report) with you when your child takes that “next step” off to school.

Within our room groupings, there is always a lot of room for your input, and we organise special events so that you may have the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with the staff. However, do not feel shy about approaching us at any other time if you have concerns or news that you wish to share with us.

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