May Parent Newsletter.

Childrens mental health.

There has been a huge push regarding supporting young childrens mental health and strategies educators can use to help children become more resilent. (Benevolent Society 2015. ‘Circle of Security’). The idea of creating a Calming araea for children came from the Parent management Committee. the development of the area was in collaboration with the preschooles to work out the best location and what was needed to create this area. Alana was instrumental in collecting items from around the centre and shopping for those extras that was needed. The end result is a beautiful colourful corner outside the preschool room, where a child can visit read a book or just lie down and look at the mobiles.

Cooler Weather.

Winter is now fast approaching. Even though we have beautiful warm days the mornings and late afternoons can be cool. All children attending the centre should be arriving with closed in shoes and socks and a jumper. If you are arriving later the jumper should be in their bag,labelled. You could imagine then the amount of extra clothing we would have. Our lost proplerty is over flowing already,which we will put on display for collection. All articles left after a week will be donated either back to our spare clothes stock or to St. Vinnies.

Regards Linda