Welcome, my name is Alana, I have had the privilege of working at Olsen Avenue Community Children’s Centre since December 2003, and during my time here have worked my way up from an assistant educator, Educator, Assistant director and now to the Director. This place feels like home and I hope that you too have a sense of belonging when you visit our centre.

As director (Leader) I want to be a role model to staff and instil a sense of professionalism and a desire to further grow their knowledge and development. Within our setting I advocate for children’s rights, instil partnership with families, and with the wider community. Leadership is influence, and it underpins all our roles as Early Educators, to create the most influential learning environment for all.

I hope to support Educators, Children and Families in belonging to the Centre, as I encourage envelopment of ideas and shared goals for the support for our children in all aspects of their learning and development.

I look forward to meeting with you