I decided to start studying a certificate 3 in Early Education and Child Services back in early 2010. At this time I was working at another child care centre however had a beautiful daughter attending Olsen Avenue Community Child Care Centre. After only a few months I was offered a position at Olsen Avenue.

This was a very exciting opportunity for my daughter and myself. My daughter (who is now 6) had attended the centre from the age of 14 months and saw herself through every room until finally graduating and moving onto school. Olsen Avenue Community Child Care Centre holds a very special place for my daughter and I as the experience we have both had at the centre has built brilliant foundations for each of us. I have a huge love for children and believe working with them is a bonus in a career. I love to see their happy and innocent faces each day and being a part of their inquisitive minds to help build on their development and skills. I have had experience in all the age groups and have experience and knowledge in working with additional needs children.

Each and every day is a new learning curb which keeps my position exciting and me striving for new ways and ideas. I love holistic approach the centre holds and the way it makes you feel like your at a home away from home.