Hi, my name is Melissa, but everyone calls me Molly, I’m a mother of three children who are all grown now and I’m a very lucky to be grandmother of 4 beautiful grandchildren.

I have been working in Early Education for since 2002 and never looked back! I have a Diploma in early childhood education and care and have been working at Olsen Avenue for nearly from 2017. My colleagues are the amazing people to work with and I’m very blessed to be part of the team, I love working with children seeing them grown and become their own little person.

I’m very passionate about my job, and know the first 5 years of a child’s learning is so important! So, if I can teach them one thing in their life I have done my job. I believe every child is unique and seeing them grow individuality is a beautiful thing. I look at every child and treat them how I would treat my own family with love care and respect. I love when you go out to the shops and run into a child that you have worked with and they come up to you as say do you remember me.