Future Champs

The Future Champs program has been developed over the past 2 years to provide a complete health and physical education program aimed at children between 3 to 6 years of age.

The Future Champs philosophy is to educate and inspire young children towards a fit and healthy future through a fun and participative environment.

Over the course of the year the children participate in 8 x 6 week programs. Each 6 week program has a specific physical focus and education topic.
The Future Champs program has been designed to teach children fundamental physical skills they will utilise for the rest of their lives. The program allows the children to discover that health and fitness is fun! Future Champs also deliver Health and Physical Education seminars to help educate adults that act as role models in the children’s lives. We do this to help encourage health choices at home.

At the commencement of each 6 week block the children receive an education hand out. The Children are encouraged to take them home, talk to their parents about what they have learnt and then put the handout on their fridge. All children also receive a Future Champs medal and certificate at the completion of the program at the end of the year.

Thank you for reading about the Future Champs program and I hope that the Future Champs team can help inspire and educate your child towards a healthy future.